SIGMA is one of the leading lens and camera makers in the world. The company was established on 9th September 1961 in Japan by Michihiro Yamaki, with a research center in Setagaya-Ku.

When SIGMA’s founder Michihiro Yamaki met Carver Mead of Foveon at Photokina 2000 in Germany, Yamaki recognized the potential of the radically different sensor technology Foveon was developing. Mead remembers the fortuitous meeting and how impressed he was by Yamaki’s deep technological understanding, insights and hopes for the future of the photo industry and high standards regarding image quality. Mead and Yamaki shared so many values that there was no hesitation about joining forces.

In November 2008, SIGMA purchased Foveon, creator of the Foveon X3® direct image sensor.

CEO: Kazuto Yamaki


  • Establishment of SIGMA: 9th September, 1961
  • Announcement of Global Vision Lenses: 2013
  • Announcement of entry into Cine Lenses Category: September 2016


  • Announced at Photokina 2012
  • Introduced in 2013

SIGMA has organized all its interchangeable lenses into three product lines. Each line has its own clearly defined concept, and every lens developed is assigned to one of these lines.

The objective is not to impose a new way of categorizing equipment, but simply to clarify the approach SIGMA has taken in developing each new lens. SIGMA hopes these new product lines will help guide photographers, giving an overview of the type of image creation each lens was designed to support.

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