Review: SIGMA 14mm F1.8 | A By Navaneeth Unnikrishnan

Recently after the launch of Art series by Sigma, they have been making some serious lenses which I never thought would be made, like the 135mm 1.8, 14mm 1.8 and so on. After the launch of 14mm 1.8 I wanted to give it a try on astrophotography as the focal length and aperture of this lens is way perfect. I’ve used other lenses of 14mm range, but this was special as none of them where 1.8.!! The Rokinon 14mm, Canon 14mm etc…Also when photographing the night sky, all you need is more light to enter your sensor. So I took the Sigma 14mm for a test at Spiti Valley, along with the canon 14mm 2.8 and Rokinon 14mm 2.8 , to do a field test.

Image Quality

Just like other Sigma Art Series , The image quality and sharpness are not compromised for wide aperture. The question I had in my mind was would the 14mm perform well at wide open 1.8 ? Well it did.!! And the result was amazing. The sharpness at 1.8 was crisp, even better than the canon 14mm at f/2.8! That’s a big deal!


(SIGMA 14mm center sharpness 1.8)


(Canon center sharpness 2.8)


(Rokinon center sharpness 2.8)

From the center sharpness test its very evident that the Sigma 14mm is slightly sharper than the Canon 14mm and the Rokinon 14mm doesn’t stand a chance for comparison here, still I included here due to its price range and availability in the market.

Edge Sharpness & Coma

The Sigma 14mm performed well and the edge sharpness and coma was well controlled.


(Sigma edge sharpness 1.8)


(Sigma edge sharpness 2.8)


(Canon edge sharpness 2.8)


(Rokinon edge sharpness 2.8)

The Canon & Rokinon had huge coma issues whereas the Sigma had a very little coma compared to both.


Like other Sigma Art series lenses, the 14mm was pretty quick and silent in terms focusing, the well developed HSM, Hyper sonic motor for focusing. The 14mm focus ring is smooth and can be used for precise manual focusing .

Build Quality

The mix of matte and glossy black adds a nice feel to the lens, similar to other art series the build quality is not compromised. The lens hood does a pretty good job at cutting flares and also works as a protection.

Price & Value

The Sigma 14mm is a must have equipment if you are into landscaping, time lapse and Night sky photography. Compared to the other lenses out there, for the performance to price value, its worth every penny.




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