Review: SIGMA 24mm F1.4 | A By Victoria Krundysheva

19667882_1409888562414242_8067672262046152387_oVictoria Krundysheva 24mm Mon 4.30

I recently had a pleasure to try a newest addition to Sigma family – its 24 mm 1.4 Art lens and want to share my piece of opinion here.

Firstly, for everyone who was asking- this is the lens I used for my latest project – The In-Boxed and you can already see a big step up in picture quality in comparison to the previous series.

Though I usually prefer to experiment with equipment outside of projects and get a good grasp of what lens can do before I shoot to avoid any issues on the shoot, but this time I am happy I decided to just go for it.

24 mm being the favorite focal length for me and being an avid Canon user I was skeptical about its ability to fill the big shoes.

The first thing that impressed me was how crisp the picture was and how both close-up photos and wide angles looked equally sharp, corner to corner. And when I say sharp I mean really sharp, even wide-open with aperture at 1.4. At the same time, quality of bokeh for 24 mm was quite smooth and didn’t let me down either.

In comparison to other wide-angle lenses it is one of the shortest and lightest lenses, which is an important factor for me, given I like to take top shots of models and any heavy weight lens is hard to work hanging over somebody.

I used a Canon mount with this lens and maybe one of the few downfalls for me was auto focus that fell a little short. But given that I, most of the times, work on manual it was not a major let down.

Probably one of the best choices for Art photography, primary thing that won me over was that this lens has a character. It may be a vague point for people obsessed with technicalities, but for concept and fine art photography – extremely important. Apart from producing bright, very well contrasted pictures, it also adds something to them that is hard to describe in technical review, but that definitely makes it my choice for concept photography.

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