Review: SIGMA 24mm F1.4|ART by Ashwin Kireet

I shot this photo with the Sigma 24 F1.4 Art lens.


I always thought 35mm was perfect to get some background in the portraits and add a story to the picture. But after using the 24mm I was really blown away by how much more I could play with the composition, add details and make the pictures more lively.


This is the widest Art lens in Sigma’s prime series, aimed at satisfying street photographers, landscape shooters, wedding soldiers, event documenters, and DSLR videographers. Their latest addition of 24mm lens is just as dazzling as the first three incarnations. this lens has got razor thin focal planes, a wide field of view, a super fast aperture, and impressive macro performance. As a wedding photographer, this picture enables me in getting wonderful group photos in tight spaces as well. And it comes very much in handy for the couple shoots which I do very often. couples prefer getting clicked in very scenic places and this lens will enable me to add more background into the picture and give a more dramatic effect to the pictures.


This lens weighs similar to its counterpart, the canon 24mm but with it’s matte black finish slightly looks more modern than the canon lens. the body is made according to the highest quality requirements, including extra sealing against dust and splash water. sharpness of an image is similar for both the lenses at 2.8 but sigma is definitely has a better sharpness over canon at f1.4. Though there is a slight distortion in the image, it is negligible. At the full aperture of f1.4 At full aperture, the bokeh of a light source in the background is beautifully round and is as good the other primes. The flare in the sigma 24mm is less than the canon 24mm giving out more details while taking silhouettes against the sun. And the best part is that the price is much cheaper compared to the canon lens. Sigma is clearly setting a new standard, that is also attractively priced.


Because of all these unique qualities that this lens has I immediately purchased it without having any second thoughts and I am really looking forward to play with it and see how it challenges me creatively.




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