Review: SIGMA 150-600mm f/5-6.3 Contemporary lens by Kunal Khadse.

It’s been quite some time that I wanted to do a wildlife photography but with my current commitments i was unable to find some time for this. However i got a call in March from Sigma about an opportunity to use their lenses and provide review on it. I smiled, this was it!!!! instantly I said yes… first I was looking forward to test Sigma 150-600mm f/5-6.3 Contemporary lens and then of course going into the wild for the shoot.


I am specialized  with Automotive Photography and that means I have to deal with action; wildlife, could be similar, but you need lot of patience.150-600 by Kunal Khadse 1

I called up my friend Bhushan Mulay (Wildlife Photographer) and he suggested a fantastic place – Bhigwan near Pune. This is heaven for bird photographers.

We left for the shoot on 4th April; usually shoots are preferred in early morning hours, however I wanted to test this lens during the golden hour before sunset – something different yet perfect soft lighting possible for the images.

150-600 by Kunal Khadse 2

Left is Bhushan Mulay ​& at right Kunal Khadse.

We hired a guide and took a small boat to explore the waters; at first everything look normal, calm water, peaceful location and one odd local birds in sight; i was expecting the ride to be long before i could spot the birds…. I was looking around the mountains and was taking some shots, the guide asked to look behind and i was shocked.

​Hundreds and Thousands of Flamingos – beautiful creatures with stunning colors. I grabbed Sigma 150-600mm Lens and started taking shots.

Focus was precise, image stabiliser was working fab; these are first few shots i shot. i did read reviews that contemporary lenses have challenges with adoption of action shots; i wanted to test shots wherein the birds are flying towards me, focusing of these shots needs to be done in fraction of seconds which is tricky. The lenses responded to my thoughts seamlessly. These are some of the moments captured beautifully.

Hand-held requires a solid image stabilisation system, I could take shutter speed down as far as 1/60th of a second, which is really impressive. As many 600mm prime lens owners know, shooting with long glass is not an easy task due to weight. 150-600mm lenses is a blessing and a has a total weight of 1930 grams and is perfect for hand held shots. Thanks to the high-end Hyper Sonic Motor (HSM) utilised in the Sigma 150-600mm C, autofocus speed is quite impressive, at 600mm too.

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Low-light Performance:  being limited to f/6.3 is already putting a big challenge on the AF system of the camera, i was not expecting much at Low Light Performance, but was surprised to see the Performance of the lens with amazing Canon 5D.


I found only one thing which could have been better is deteriorating visibly at 600mm.

Being able to reach 600mm without spending a lot of money has been a big dream of many wildlife photographers, this lens will give you value for money; biggest pro is it’s weight which made my moving around simple and easy. It gave benefit for both 150 mm and 600 mm; had a wonderful experience.

Thank you Sigma India for giving me this opportunity.

150-600 by Kunal Khadse 24


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