Announcement of the winner of #SIGMA100Strangers

After 60 days of breathtaking photographs, 8000 submissions and much curiosity, the wait is finally over. We have a winner for the #SIGMA100Strangers Contest – Nikhil Kumar

For those who were still not aware of what the contest was, you can find the details here.

A little about the winner:

Nikhil, a Delhi-based wedding photographer, has been pursuing photography for the past 9 years.

Profile Photo.jpg

Nikhil Kumar

“My Journey as a photographer started in 2009 when I picked up a small digicam of my friend. I was fantasized by the macro shots it took and immediately decided to buy a camera for myself. I shot with point and shoot camera for some time and then bought a DSLR. I loved traveling and always took my camera wherever I went. Then I started shooting weddings in 2012 and started working professionally for clients on various projects. I continuously shoot weddings and concerts professionally and travel for my personal projects.”

Nikhil wins the awesome SIGMA DP2 Quattro camera




SIGMA DP2 Quattro

The SIGMA DP2 Quattro is the world’s only image capture system to use vertical color separation technology. The camera incorporates a newly developed Foveon X3 direct image sensor. The new sensor structure features a pixel ratio of 1:1:4 from the bottom, middle to top layer. Averaging the light absorption characteristics of silicon, the sensor comprises three layers of photo diodes, each at a different depth within the silicon and each corresponding to a different RGB colour. Manual Focus is available for use when auto focus or focus lock is not desired. With a 14-bit RAW data records information of light captured by the Quattro sensor. The camera has a output of SUPER HIGH size with 39 megapixel high resolution. Using high speed data transfer and processing, the SIGMA dp2 Quattro features a continuous shooting speed of up to 3.7 frames per second.



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