Review: AFP Photographer, Chandan Khanna on SIGMA 24mm F1.4

Recently I got my hands on Sigma 24 mm f/1.4 lens for DSLR cameras. It is a fantastic lens with great sharpness, depth of field and vibrant colours.


The lens is slightly on the heavier side weighing about 695 grams, but it is suitable for a full frame such as my Nikon D4. For a smaller frame DSLR this lens might be bulky for daily use. I highly recommend this lens for its crisp and clear picture quality and affordable price tag. Although, it is little slow on focusing in low light, but on the other hand it amazed me with the intelligent light sensitivity during the harsh daylight. This lens is great for outdoor photography and is appropriate for a photojournalist like me, one who is always on a run and wants fast and consistent pictures. It is great for taking portraits and indoor pictures as well

About the photographer: Chandan Khanna is a photographer for AFP, based in New Delhi. You can follow his work on Instagram:

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