World Environment day Photography Contest

A global photography contest focusing on nature is being held by SIGMA starting from today i.e May 27th to June 5th.
The themes for the contest would be global climate change context in terms of both impact & adaptation and other environmental issues.
Participants are to document nature and environmental issues — from images illustrating what’s at risk to those that shine a spotlight on what is being done to preserve the planet.
Photographers may take their inspiration from this theme, although any area relating to nature may be covered.The photo contest is designed to spark dialogue around issues of our planet.
The goal is to document and explore the existing wonders of the planet as well as the challenges and solutions we face.
We will be sharing the best photos on SIGMA social media including Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and Instagram, providing exposure for your work. We will, of course, credit the photographer and plug whatever portfolio you wish to share on our SIGMA blog.
All entries must follow the official rules for consideration. See contest details below.
HOW TO ENTER: To enter online, Share it on Sigma India Facebook Page or the Sigma India Photo with hash tag #SIGMAWorldEvironmentday, and follow the below instructions to submit :
(a) The contest is open to ALL photographers:
(b) You need to use SIGMA Lens.
(c) Make sure you tag your photos with #SIGMAWorldEvironmentday or we will not consider the submissions!
(d) The photographs have to be shot by you and all copyrights will be held by you.
(e) The EXIF Data of the images need to be left intact; lens & camera model needs to be mentioned with the submission.
(f) Photograph must be shot within the last 3 years
(g) The Location must be mentioned
(h) Sigma will not be considered responsible for any copyright violations, privacy infringements of the photographs submitted.
(i) We might be using some of your images in our promotions online. All credit will be given to the photographers!
More Questions?
Drop us a comment below and we’ll get back to you with more details.
Make a personal commitment to take action for your environment.
Theme: “Nature at your service”

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