Review: Fotobaba on SIGMA 18-300mm | C

A lens that will fit all your needs at a more affordable price
When a lens in the range of 18-300 is in your hands, the chances that you would want to carry anything else with you are very less. On a DX body it will become 27-450 that’s actually really great (16.7 zoom). It is a good lens for an amateur photographer who is especially keen on wildlife or sports. With  good light it will give you shots as good as a pro lens.
First Impression
It has a very light and solid built and feels sturdy. Even though it is 18-300, it is still very compact and almost the same size as other lenses in the market

Second Impression
Even though it won’t really fit in the professional lens category, I was still really impressed by its silent focusing HSM motor, which helps focus faster. The rubberised zoom rings zooms with ease, it does tighten up after a certain point. Optical stabilisation does a good job.

Picture Quality
At 18mm sharpness in the center is excellent at maximum aperture and further improves between f5.6 and f8.
Even at 300mm performance is very impressive with only a slight reduction in sharpness, Sigma deserves a thumbs up for that.
Technical Side

  • Blades 7, Elements 17, Groups 13
  • Maximum Aperture f3.5 – f6.3
  • Minimum Aperture f22
  • Filter size 72
  • Minimum focus distance 39cm

Ergonomics & Handling
Buttons well positioned for easy accessibility, lens lock helps to keep lens locked at 18mm which is really good to avoid damage to the lens when you are travelling.

It is almost same when compared to other lenses in the market.

Who should buy
I would say every beginner should have it in their collection  The lens covers a good range for almost all needs, combining it with a good camera body will give you better results.

An all purpose lens for beginners which can be carried by people who like wildlife and sports photography.

About The Photographer: George Koruth aka Fotobaba is a documentary & street photographer, who has been featured in “The NewYorker”, “The Huffington Post”, “Asian Geographic Magazine”, “Better Photography” and “The Hindu”.

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