Review: Fotobaba on SIGMA 24-35mm F2 | A

By George Koruth aka Fotobaba

So its first time I’m using, a lens like this, I mostly prefer going for prime to capture portraits. But when I started using tI was keen to note the difference it really make with prime. But once you are on the street, you get to understand, how well it helps you to compose a shot. I’m a person who believes in minimal post processing so getting my shot right is very important. I took this lens along with me to Byllakuppe and explored life of monks at Nambroling monastery later headed to peaceful island Fort Cochin walked next to the Chinese fishing net and then later houseboat ride on the backwaters of Kerala and last to the Varkala beach, a beach with a cliff, weight was not an issue as I was just carrying one lens.

First impression

It’s worlds first large aperture full frame zoom lens, offering an f/2 the entire range, that’s insanely good. So when you have such unique things its can get bit heavy. The body is premium as good as some of the other brands

Second Impression

Sigma has been continuously impressing me with its technology and results. Lens never disappointed me, especially in the night time, it did really well with available light. People who thought third party lens investment are not worth as the build is not good as canon and Nikkor, my advice just half an hour use will prove you wrong. Sigma builds lens which will last generations, yes you should take care of lens as your babies.

Technical side 

  • 18 Elements in 13 Groups
  • Minimum focusing distance 28cm.
  • Hypersonic Motor ensures high AF speed
  • Round 9 diaphragm helps to get interesting bokeh
  • Glass elements and coating makes sure, you have no issues with flare and ghosting.

Ergonomics & Handling– Sigma always puts its buttons in the right place,is perfect for me and its easy to turn to manual.

Price – Its on the higher side and its for people who are really keen to get the best out there, I’m sure sigma will consider lowering the price sometime later so that other enthusiasts can also get to use this masterpiece.

Who should buy it – Its a perfect choice for documentary and travel photographers, especially people who capture lots of portraits, and to work in low light.

Conclusion – If you are a person who believes is less post processing and does very less cropping like me then this lens is for you. Low light would never stop you in going that extra mile. It’s as good as a prime lens but has an edge over it. Once you start using it, you will realize its very fast and smooth to operate.

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