Review: Absolute Gizmos on SIGMA 18-300mm F3.5-6.3 DC MACRO OS HSM | C

Sigma is a popular brand for building lens for both canon as well Nikon mount. Also creating a great ecosystem of lens for all photographers and even videographers. We previously seen sigma 12-24mm review which was an impressive landscape shooter lens, but sigma 18-300mm is totally different approach to all lens.

Build of Sigma 18-300mm

Well sigma lens are always well build and sturdy so this lens wasn’t no exception for it. Yet the lens was bit light but had a huge expansion due to its zoom upto 300mm. It use to get expand to almost more then the twice of its original size. That’s a fiefty part but lens had a circular wave hood which was great also main point was the notations for mm as well as Macro. That point made a real impressive of that lens notation. Overall I would say the feel and design isn’t an issue but it was made according to the need of the lens which was amazing thing. The lens was also small due to 18mm range. Sigma C 18-300mm is really awesome build lens.

Sample Images

We tried capturing lots of images and we were impressed with it. specially the MACRO part it was handled well by the lens.

See Sample Images here.

The images captured were great even the capability of image stablization was good. The added length in the lens requires a good stablization and the lens delivers it well.


The Price of sigma C 18-300mm F3.5-5.6 lens is 49,000rs which is great value for money. Even the nikkor, canon , sony lens costs more than this price which makes this lens completely best. Overall I will say must buy lens for bird shooters and macro lovers.


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