Review: Sigma dp2 Quattro by Economic Times

Specifications: 29 Megapixel Foveon X2 sensor (APS-C size), fixed 30mm f2.8 lens (45mm in a 35mm equivalent), lossless RAW shooting, 3-inch LCD (920k dots), ISO100 to 6400, manual focus with focus ring, SD slot, 395 grams (without battery or card).

Unconventional is the best way to describe the dp2 Quattro from Japanese camera and lens maker Sigma. They call it a compact camera but it’s not very small. In fact it’s probably unlike any compact camera you may have seen.

For starters, it’s much too wide, feels a bit unbalanced, has a large fixed lens that prevents it from being carried in any sort of pocket and it has a distinctive, angular, backward-facing hand grip that actually detracts from overall ergonomics.

Typically, when you hold a camera, you want it to be smooth and flat (like most compact cameras) or with a grip in front that your fingers can circle around (like a prosumer camera or DSLR). We tried for many days, but just couldn’t get to grips with the grip! The only bit that gives you a little comfort is the small leather patch in front where your finger would rest.

You can’t fault it on build quality though — it’s an all-metal body, with a reassuring heft and it has the same textured paint finish that many high-end DSLRs have.

Pros: Super-sharp results that hit well above its price range, large and bright LCD, excellent build quality, excellent 30mm prime lens.

Cons: Much too large and expensive for a compact (despite the excellent Foveon APS-C sensor), weird design makes it uncomfortable to hold, no flash, no viewfinder (it’s an optional accessory), no optical image stabilisation, does not record video.

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