SIGMA opens first store in India

Bengaluru, 20th Nov 2014: Sigma Corporation, the world’s leading manufacturer of camera lenses, opened its first hands-on store in India. The store, located in Bangalore, will allow professional photographers, avid enthusiasts & patrons of Sigma to experience and get a real feel for all of the brand’s exclusive lenses and products.

Sigma, founded in 1961 by Michihiro Yamaki, is a brand known worldwide for the quality of its lenses, cameras, flashes and other photography accessories. Sigma and has been a popular choice among professional photographers. With several products under the Sigma brand, the company is the largest independent manufacturer of lenses in the world.

Shetala Agencies Pvt. Ltd. is responsible for bringing this first store to India.

“India has one of the world’s largest pools of photographers – professional and hobby photographers. We are known for our fascination with gadgets and we love a quality product. We believed that it is extremely important for Sigma to have a physical presence, a place where people can go and try out the different kind of lenses on their cameras and actually get a sense of the lens instead of making a judgment call based on reviews and other mentions online. Shetala Agencies has long been associated with Sigma and we are honoured to have the responsibility of bringing such a wonderful brand in the form of a store to India,” Mr. Seshan Anand, Managing Director, Shetala Agencies said.

Sigma India also officially launched the much awaited Sigma 150 – 600mm F5-6.3 DG Sports lens in the country. The lens, which was first unveiled in Photokina 2014, is considered among the most iconic lenses in the photography industry. . The company also unveiled the 18-300mm F/3.5-6.3 DC Macro OS HSM Contemporary lens.

The lens will be on display and available to Sigma patrons for a quick trial at the Sigma store in Bangalore.


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